QuikClik RT © :: Drag Racing Reaction Time Game

Simulates the pro starting sequence on a drag racing Christmas tree.
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QuikClik RT© Scoring
< .000 Red Light -300 pts.
.000 HOLESHOT 2000 pts.
.001 - .009 WOW 1000 pts.
.010 - .049 GREAT 500 pts.
.050 - .099 NOT BAD 250 pts.
.100 - .999 WAKE UP! 0 pts.
> 1.00 ZZZZ -100 pts.


Quik-Clik RT ® simulates the pro starting sequence on a drag racing Christmas tree.
  1. Wait for all images to load for optimal operation.
  2. A scored game consists of ten (10) completed rounds.
  3. Clicking "PRE-STAGE" signifies that player is almost ready to race. The top set of two yellow bulbs will turn on.
  4. Before clicking "STAGE", player should be ready to race. Once "STAGE" is clicked, the timers are activated and the main button display will read "READY". The second set of two yellow bulbs will turn on. All three amber bulbs will turn on soon afterward.
  5. Click "GO" to stop the timers. A perfect reaction time is .000 seconds. If player clicks too early, player will foul and the red bulb will light. If player waits one (1) second, the round will expire.
  6. After ten (10) completed rounds, player will be given the choice to "PLAY AGAIN" or "SUBMIT SCORE". By pressing "PLAY AGAIN", the game will reset to ROUND 1 and player’s score will reset to zero (0). By pressing "SUBMIT SCORE", player will be directed to an information form and eligible players may then register their score for prize eligibility.
  7. If player chooses to "SUBMIT SCORE", all fields in the information form must be completed. When form is completed, player verifies that all information is correct by clicking "SUBMIT SCORE" again. Player will then view the top ten (10) scores submitted during the current calendar month. Player may play again by clicking "PLAY AGAIN".